The Denim Edit

The Denim Edit

All year round, denim remains a staple item in our wardrobes. Whether it’s a denim jacket, shirt, dress, dungarees or just your plain old jeans, everyone has their faves.

Did you know? An old wives’ tale says to buy your jeans a whole size smaller, so that when the material inevitably gives and stretches out a bit, they will fit you much better.

Our Denim Edit

Here at Janes, we are getting ready for the warmer weather and refreshing our wardrobe with some fab new denim pieces.

Here are our top picks:

Hilfiger Denim Low Rise Skinny Jean

ASOS, £80

You can’t go wrong with a good-fitting pair of jeans. These ones are by Tommy Hilfiger so you know they are made well and will last a good few years (can’t promise they will still fit though!). They look great with trainers and a baggy t-shirt, or some sandals and a tank top if it’s a warm day.

MOTO Bleach Western Jacket

Topshop, £39

Denim jackets are a must have for your summer evening soiree. Too warm for anything heavier, but still a touch chilly to go without any jacket at all. This jacket would look great dressed up with a pretty dress and lots of bangles, or dressed down with a t-shirt and maxi skirt. This has to be our favourite denim item.

Light Blue Long Sleeve Shirt

New Look, £17.99  

No wardrobe is complete without a denim shirt and this super light blue one makes a great change from the mid-wash blue we are so used to seeing. This is also a great pick if you want to pull off “double denim” without looking like you are from the ‘90s. Shirts are great because they can be worn buttoned up, or hanging open with your favourite slogan tee underneath. Pair with dark jeans and some Converse.

Wedgie Fit Shorts

Levi, £50

These look more appealing than they sound. Yes, you get a slight wedgie, but it is all about the special cut of these jeans that make your butt look amazing. Choose from mid-blue, dark blue or white in these shorts that will make your bum look like a juicy peach. Just resist the urge to pull out your wedgie = not so hot.

Large Denim Luggage Bag

Topshop, £30

The denim crusade continues with this cute luggage bag – who says you can’t travel in style? If you haven’t got any holidays planned at the moment, then why not use this as your gym, overnight, or change of clothes bag when going for those after work drinks. Whatever you use it for, it won’t let you down!

Denim Button Front Mini Skater Skirt

ASOS, £25

The summer just calls for a gorgeous denim skirt like this one. High neck crop tops work so well and you can mix up the colours to freshen up the look. Cute flip flops would look great, or little trainers with some frilly ankle socks would keep you on-trend.

There we have it – our Average Janes’ top denim picks for the warmer weather.

What’s your favourite denim item? Let us know, @tweetjanes.