Lara Intimates: Sustainable Underwear


We all need to do our bit for the world, and that can start with changing what you wear, or your underwear. Typically eco-friendly bras are tricky to find, not stylish and super expensive. But now, thanks to the wonderful ladies at Lara Intimates and their revolutionary sustainable underwear, there is an affordable solution!


Co-founded by two London College of Fashion graduates, Faith and Cindy, Lara Intimates is a revolutionary underwear brand that uses eco-friendly practices. Every Lara garment is made in a London studio with reclaimed fabrics.


Have you ever wondered where your bra comes from? Well, 60% of the world’s bras are made in a town in China called Guaro. That’s ridiculously far away from your house. Lara Intimates gives you the opportunity to bring back lingerie craftmanship to Britain, and do your part for the world.

You see, the fashion industry wastes an estimated 40 billion square meters of textiles every year. The majority of it is either unused or dyed the wrong colour and therefore ends up on landfill sites. Obviously this sucks majorly for the planet. So eco-friendly clothing is the answer, and sorting out your underwear drawer with Lara Intimates is a great place to start on your ethical clothing journey!


The Lara collection has every piece a woman needs in her underwear drawer including soft bras, wired bras, briefs and bodysuits. Bras come in 28A-36E.

Layers of mesh support around the body, taking the stress off your shoulders. This innovative design approach is way comfier than chunky elastics. Lara bras truly look (and feel) great on all sizes A-E.

When it comes to soft bras, small, medium, large just doesn’t cut it. Lara soft bras come in half sizes, so they fit and support your body perfectly!

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The makers behind Lara Intimates have taken their idea to crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 21 days still to go, they’ve nearly smashed their goal! Their aim is to reach £25,500, but their current total isn’t too far off at over £18,500.

If you would like your very own revolutionary Lara Intimates underwear set, head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support. From £35, Janes will receive their very own Lara intimates set, that’s 30% off RRP! But be quick, because the Earlybird underwear sets are selling fast!

Shipping is worldwide and the expected date for delivery is August 2017.

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