Choosing a new bra is always an effort. The biggest issue we have is finding a bra that will suit all aspects of our daily lives, from our normal day to day routine, to our gym session after work. But now, thanks to Knixwear and their fantastic Evolution Bra, the problem has been solved!

Knixwear: 8-in-1 Evolution Bra

Knixwear’s story all started nearly three years ago with underwear. After launching a successful crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo, they quickly became the leader in performance underwear for women.

The goal was to create an intimate apparel brand that was designed by women for women and now the ladies are back, but instead of underwear, the focus is on designing a bra that is comfortable, versatile, and technologically advanced.

Their overall mission is to: “create the best active intimates on the planet that empowers you to do more of what you love.” But what makes the Evolution Bra so great? Well first off, it has 8 different wearable options in one, with adjustable straps, a seam-free bonded construction and best of all: NO UNDERWIRES!

Take a look at how you can wear the bra eight different ways here:

The bra comes in two different colours, black and beige and black and brush lace. It has been tested on over 70 women of all different cup sizes to create their very own sizing chart, as seen below. And as the product will not be tested in person, Knixwear have said they are more than happy to provide online fit consultations, to make sure that you pick your perfect size.


Knixwear have taken their idea to the crowd funding site Kickstarter, and with 37 days still to go, have already smashed through their $30,000 target! So we know for sure, we aren’t the only ones in love with this concept, and this means their project will definitely be funded on October 24!

If you would like to get your hands on one of these versatile bras, head over to their Kickstarter page, and pledge your support. For just $45 (£30) you can get the Early Bird bra offer, which includes an Evolution Bra with the colour and size of your choice and a free lingerie travel bag. Be quick though because there are limited quantities!

In other Early Bird offers and perks, Knixwear will be offering their award winning performance underwear, that comes in a variety of colours, fabrics and sizes (XS-2XL) and with your choice of gusset technology. For the Early Bird single set, including One Evolution Bra and one pair of matching Knix Wear, it only costs a little more than just the single bra at $65 (£41). They ship worldwide and the estimated delivery date is November 2015.


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