Vietnamese-born Chan Luu makes some seriously lustworthy jewellery and scarves. Best known for her wrap bracelets, you’ve probably seen her designs adorning many a celebrity, with fans including Jessica Alba, Alexa Chung, Garance Doré and Rihanna.

Get the look for less: Chan Luu

But as we all know, style ain’t always cheap. So if you can afford the real deal here are a few of my faves from Chan Luu – and if you can’t, here are some look-a-likes:

Splash Out
Chan Luu £155
A beautiful zesty chartreuse to bring a touch of sunshine on a grey day.

My Pashmina, £43.45 from
My Pashmina do top quality scarves and wraps at bargain prices (no, I don’t work for them!). This is their large stole in ‘Buttercup’ and it’s my favourite but you can have one made to order in any colour. A great price for a silk/cashmere blend.

Splash Out
Chan Luu £130
Pop this on with jeans and a vest and ta-da! You’re good to go for date night, dinner or drinks.

Magpie Living, £46 from
For a not insubstantial but rather more purse friendly £46 a similar agate slice could be yours.

Splash Out
Chan Luu £165
These look great layered up – but you’ll need to be feeling pretty flush to do that. Still, just one ‘five wrap’ like this will do the trick nicely.

Meta, £55 from

I have a wrap bracelet from Meta and barely a day goes by when I don’t wear it. With prices starting from just £25 for a five wrap, they’re a great alternative to Chan Luu and beautifully made. This one’s my current favourite.

One last thing to remember when you’re shopping for Chan Luu or Luu-k-alikes (sorry!) – avoid eBay. You’ll find a tonne of so-called ‘Chan Luu’ on there but chances are they’re counterfeit so don’t be fooled for a possible cheap bargain.

Happy shopping!

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