We are always on the look out for a trendy pair of sunglasses here at Janes. Now, with the help of the guys at Extinct Sunwear, we can buy fashionable sunnies and simultaneously raise money to fight wildlife extinction!

Extinct Sunwear

Extinct Sunwear was dreamed up by Alex Ferriera and Kaitlyn Yee, a couple from Santa Cruz who are passionate about conserving wildlife. Their idea was to find the coolest and most fashionable way to help preserve endangered species and raise awareness of the issues to people all around the world.

By combining activism with fashion, Alex and Kaitlyn plan to donate 25% of their company’s annual profits to two organizations, Sea Shepard, for marine wildlife conservation and The International Anti-Poaching Foundation, for wildlife conservation worldwide. Both take direct action to combat wildlife extinction and are shining a light upon these critical issues.

The shades themselves come in four trendy styles, each one representing one of the world’s endangered or threatened animal species. The retro frames are suitable for just about everyone and are made from the highest quality plastic. The lenses come in different polarized tints and are lightweight for a comfortable fit.


Each pair comes with unique packaging: an Extinct box, an eco-friendly burlap pouch, and an organic cotton sleeve to protect the sunglasses.

Extinct Sunglasses are being sold on the crowd funding website Kickstarter. With 16 days to go, 59 people have backed their idea and they have raised nearly $4000. Their target is to reach $13,900 (around £8,900) and we think this is doable as the product is so attractive.

For just $30 (£19) you can get yourself a pair of the sunglasses, choosing between the four styles. The most popular at present are Gorilla and Leopard, but Elephant and Rhino are not too far behind!

Estimated delivery is around October 2015, and they ship worldwide. Head over to their Kickstarter page and pledge your support!


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