Exclusive: Duttson rocks Stacker Rings


In the silvery wake of the Pandora ring pandemic over the festive season we were on the hunt for something new and fresh to add to our glamorised and perfectly manicured (ahem) hands.

Enter London’s bespoke, ethical diamond Jeweller, Duttson Rocks with their debut ready-to-wear collection: Shades of Summer.

Delicate, precious metals with a rainbow of perfect pastels; otherwise known as The Shades of Summer Stacker Rings. These exceptional rings have been designed and hand crafted by owner and designer, Neil Duttson.

The unique collection, straight from super chic Knightsbridge, is every bit this season. The pastel hues reflect the lavishly chic SS14 fashionista tones already blossoming on the high streets in these sporadic and sumptuous spells of spring sunshine. Yet still, the soft elegance of the pastel shades in their subtle setting radiates classically timeless pieces of jewellery.

Mr Duttson told us ‘The collection allows the customer to choose their enamel colours and then a choice of white gold dip or rose gold dip. Previously I have only ever done bespoke. I wanted to produce a range which would appeal and be more accessible to a wider audience. The ‘Shades of Summer’ stacker rings can be worn individually, just a couple or stacked to the max!  They also have matching bangles in the same gorgeous summer palate.’


The ring itself is silver and the 5 enamel colours available are Pistachio, Cream, Coral, Rock Pool (blue/ grey) and Emerald Bay (green). These colours are the same regardless if you wish to have a rose gold or white gold dip.

They are made in sizes K, L and M and prices are £40 per ring and £110 per bangle. For a full collection, the rock doctor offers a generously, discounted price.
 All jewellery is beautifully wrapped and boxed and they even send it to you free with standard UK delivery.

As designed and suggested these rings can be worn singularly or stacked. We like them stacked. Mix and match them with more pastels in your outfit and nail varnish selections. Wear them delicately alone for evening glam or add them to other chunky costume pieces for bedazzled hands with a splash of colour. And not to forget the beautiful bangles too.

Perfect presents for special mums or fab friends- these rings really are stackable, stylish elegance. We think we might start that 90s friendship ring craze we all loved so much-this time though, with so much more class!

True to our word, here at Janes we always promise to bring you the hottest market trends and these fabulous trinkets are SO exclusive to Average Janes that all ordering at the moment is personal to the top man himself at neil@duttsonsrocks.com. So ladies get them while they’re hot as the online shop launches in May and we have a feeling these will be very popular indeed!

Why not take a glance through the other exquisite examples of the top London jewellers bespoke adornments on their website at duttsonrocks.com.

And remember, to order these beauties just email your order request or questions to neil@duttsonrocks.com. Happy stacking!

Hmm…now, which ones to choose? Ok, all of them!