Denim. Imagine a world without it. It’s so versatile it will never be out of fashion. But one denim trend that can cause an upheaval in any closet is double denim. Double denim has been, will be and is happening ladies, but if you’re going to do it, you need to do it well. So we bring you our how to Double Denim basic guidelines.

How to double denim

Don’t do it half-heartedly, like all outfits, your fashionista performance is carried in your confidence.

Don’t be disheartened if you are stuck imagining only the old classic denim jacket – trouser arrangement. We are now spoilt for choice with the abundance of denim designs available.

There are many, many different kinds of denim: coloured, acid wash, stone wash, dip-dye, faded, stacked, stretch, bleached, vintage, worker, true blue, indigo, dark grey, distressed, patterned, ripped, checked, boyfriend, the list goes on.

So dare to mix them up and as long as it makes sense in the mirror it will work. If you’re left a bit confused probably best to start again!


Not all double denim is going to look good. Mid blues up and down are swaying late 90s – think of that famous Justin and Britney pic from 2001 and avoid at all costs!

If you’re a newbie or want an understated DD then try a delicate combination of black, denim skinny jeans and an acid wash denim shirt. A very subtle combo; to rock with a loose but tidy white tee and a sprinkle of accessories or button it right up and add a sassy neck scarf pulled into a loose bow. Check out our Killer Collars for some inspiration!

If you are going two-toned then make sure the denim washes contrast – the differentiating colours will ease out the fact you’re actually wearing the same material top and bottom.


Lighter up and darker down tends to work the best, it helps to convey the classic denim jeans and white shirt look that will never tire, just with a creative twist. However, a dark denim shirt with faded light shorts or jeans can look equally fab!

Avoid doubling up dip dye denim, it just doesn’t work!

If you do want to go mono-shade, choose your wash of denim carefully then be sure to mix it up with some colour underneath.

Ripped and distressed denim is totally hot right now, especially ripped, light denim with a pair of simple, pointy heels. Try to avoid the through-a-hedge-backward look though by doubling the distressed look up.

Try an oversized, vintage jacket with Mom jeans in the same hue for a seriously hip denim look.

For super chic add simple jewellery, subtle belts and feminine shoes. Try a sophisticated look with a pair of nude heels and a smart satchel bag.

They say good things come in threes but denim does not, always dodge triple denim!

Did you know ‘denim’ was originally called Serge de Nimes, after the city of Nimes, France where the fabric was first made. Luckily they shortened it.


Our top denim jeans pick are these super soft bleached high waisted Mom jeans from Topshop £60

Keep in line with this season’s Plaid Time with this denim shirt with tartan collar from ASOS £40

Did we miss any double denim delights out? Want to share your double denim looks? Tell us @tweetjanes

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