What better way to start your day than going to work with a premium leather Chelsea satchel on your arm…now that would definitely make our day brighter.

Daines & Hathaway Leather Love

Daines & Hathaway, established in England in 1922, have a strong British heritage that today provides inspiration for their stunning and functional designs.

Each piece is carefully and individually crafted, using top quality leathers and traditional methods, and boy does it show. Traditionally for men, this premium brand has been weaving a contemporary twist through it’s classic designs, using pop colours to promote a feminine touch.


Satchels, iPad wallets and even the Military Wet Pack, a wash bag which is based on the design of the original 20th century wash kit provided by the British Army, Daines and Hathaway prove that you can maintain undeniable quality and elegance whilst producing pieces for a modern world.

Available from Pittards Leather, their ‘Earth Pop Colours’ will have you fashionistas flush with excitement as you gaze lovingly.


Chelsea Satchels £300 / Military Wet Packs £115
iPad wallets £160 / Kindle wallets £106

Tickled your fancy?


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