We recently came across a website called Cubitts, they have a selection of affordable and trendy glasses with a super quick and helpful service. We thought we better share our experience with you!

Cubitts London

The Cubitts ethos is very simple, they want to bring you affordable yet fashionable glasses in a simple way. All their glasses are priced at £100 which includes high-quality frames, lenses, case and cleaning kit.

The thing we were most impressed with is the way they have thought about the customer every step of the way, they understand the problems and concerns customers might have with buying prescription glasses on the internet. I agree this was my initial concern, but they’ve got that sorted with their home trial service.

The home trial service allows you to select up to four frames to be sent directly to your home, they will send you the frames within the next few days (I ordered mine at lunchtime on Wednesday and received them Thursday morning!). Then you have up to five days to trail your selected frames, this allows you to try them on in different lighting, ask friends and partners, try different hairstyles to work out which are pair suit you the best.


We loved trying on the glasses in a relaxed environment and without an impatient salesperson breathing down your neck and trying to constantly upsell to their premium glasses. Once the five days are up, you simply send them back free of charge. You can then go back onto the website and buy your favourite pair. If the home trial sounds like too much work, they also have a virtual try-on service – see I told you they’ve thought of everything!


Their website is so effortlessly chic, which is also translated in the frames available, the company is based in King’s Cross, London and I think the London street style is definitely reflected in their designs. They have a streamlined range of styles and colours available but I found the frames on offer to be more than enough for my browsing needs. They make their own frames which allows them to drive the prices down, the frames they offer are around a third of what you’d pay at an upmarket opticians. They are perfect if you’re the kind of girl thats not fazed by designer glasses but still want a trendy pair of specs.


We found the whole home trial experience really simple and fun and cant wait to get back online and order the winning specs!

Have you tried Cubitts? Let us know what you thought @tweetjanes

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