For Janes fascinated by the work of French designer Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel, we have some very exciting news for you! London’s Saatchi gallery is currently host to Chanel’s new Mademoiselle Privé exhibition.

Chanel: Mademoiselle Privé exhibition

The free exhibition features the first and only jewellery collection designed by Coco herself, dating back to 1932. The diamond encrusted jewellery pieces are individually worth in excess of £1 million and they play a starring role in the exhibition, devised to open up the world of Haute Couture to Londoners.

The showcase is pretty huge in scale, spanning over two floors of the Chelsea gallery, it will take you on a journey through Coco’s career right up until the present day. The unmissible experience begins even before entering the gallery, with a beautiful garden filled with British autumnal flowers designed by Chelsea Flower Show winners Harry and David Rich.

Inside, the gallery is divided up into lots of different sets that bring Chanel’s story and career to life. From the original hat shop where Chanel’s career first began to a factory-like room which portrays the conception of Chanel No5, to the totem room which celebrates Chanel’s signature pieces.


Although it is only open for three weeks, Chanel’s Mademoiselle Privé is a must-see for Janes interested in beauty and luxury. It will provide you with an in-depth insight into the brand, and affirm the reasons why it is still a favourite in the competitive fashion industry today.

Mademoiselle Privé opens on October 13, admission is free of charge and the gallery is open for viewing everyday, 10am – 6pm.

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