With over 1.2 million people in the UK today following a vegetarian diet it surprises us that there are not more dedicated restaurants, serving vege food, with amazing style! We’re the first to admit that a divine steak or the odd McChicken sandwich has a special place in our hearts but if you’re feeling like being a little healthier maybe you should try going veggie for a few days! Read on for our Tibits London Review

Tibits London Review: Vegetarian Restaurant

Well, for all the vegetarian Janes out there, and for the ones who fancy trying something different, we have found an absolute gem of a restaurant for you! Some at Janes HQ have been vegetarian for over 25 years and were unbelievably excited about going somewhere they could choose from anything on the menu! Vegetarian readers we’re sure will be smiling at the thought!

Tibits in central London is a buffet style, relaxed and uncomplicated place with the atmosphere and style of a high class restaurant. It serves an incredibly tasty, healthy range of hot and cold dishes from early morning to late evening and a great selection of cocktails, wine and beer, juices and soft drinks.

The score is, that you are seated, and then you can go up and help yourself to a plate and fill it with whatever may take your fancy from the ‘food boat’ (terrible name however!), then take it to the bar where you pay depending on the weight of your plate! This means it’s a fab option whether you want a light lunch or a substantial dinner, and to top it off, you can fill your plate as many times as you wish!

The price isn’t bad either (considering the location it’s a steal), we filled our plate with pretty much a bit of everything (rather a lot!) and it came to just over £10, with a free bread roll. They also do takeaway, perfect for lunch on the run!

“Every product we develop first has to satisfy our own demanding criteria in terms of freshness and flavour…Our overriding aim is continuous improvement, and we use only the very best raw materials in our quest for absolute perfection and freshness.” ~ Tibits

Tibits London Review Verdict

We thoroughly recommend this delightful restaurant, a great concept in the heart of very trendy Heddon Street, part of the Regent Street Food Quarter. The food was incredible, our faves were the dreamy potato curry, aubergine salad and fried jalapeños! We can’t wait to go back!

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