The fashion section of London’s V&A museum has been transformed into a timeline of textiles with each section committing to a small sample true to it’s fashion-era.

V&A Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s

From Georgian hoops and head-dresses to the Haute Couture hemlines of the 19th and 20th centuries, the marvellous collection spirals to bring you to the entrance of the instantly energetic eighties. With designer exhibits and catwalk footage we can see how London, at this time, free-falled into a wild, and very dramatic era.


The eighties offered creative explosion after the fight for freedom of independence and sexuality in the 70s. The emergence of the club scene and its music inspired designers like Katherine Hammett, Vivienne Westwood, John Galliano and Jasper Conran, to name a few.

Fashion in the 80s was about expression, attitude and personal customising and the exhibition offers a fabulous example of punk, new romantic, glam fetish, goth, body conscious and high camp.

The sudden loss of fashion rules created a decade of experimentation and individuality and this exhibition enrols you into discovering the reasons why.


You will be amazed by the parallels of today with many costumes printing ‘recreated in 2013’ next to their 1980’s birthdate.

The 80s was a breakthrough for British fashion; not only did it give it international status but London Fashion Week was born and with it fashion became one of our biggest and most successful industries.

If you are a fashionista this is a must-see! Go get some inspiration from this elaborate eighties exhibition.

Timed entry by ticket only ~ £6
Available at the ticket desk or online.
Open until 16 February 2014

All images courtesy of V&A © Derek Ridgers

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