With warmer weather finally on the way, there’s nothing like finding a spot of sunshine, grabbing a cup of tea and forgetting reality for a few hours by losing yourself in a great book. Here are our current top five picks for a bit of much-needed escapism!

Top 5 Summer Books

The Miniaturist – Jessie Burton
Reminiscent of the rich, descriptive scenes of Girl with a Pearl Earring, this is our favourite style of historical fiction. The Miniaturist evocatively recreates a fascinating 17th Century Amsterdam, with a plot packed with intrigue, danger and clever twists. Our pick for a surprisingly compulsive page-turner!

The Woman Who Stole My Life – Marian Keyes
She’s back with a bang! Keyes’ new novel has all the elements we adore from her plots – warmth, humour, humanity and tough decisions that echo real-life heartaches and disappointments. You’ll be rooting for lead character Stella all the way. Perfect for relaxing weekend indulgence.

Us – David Nicholls
A slow-burn second novel from the author of One Day. Nicholls brilliantly highlights the demise from fizzing infatuation into the routine reality of a long-term relationship. Our empathy slowly and unexpectedly sided with main character Douglas as we became increasingly aware of his isolation from his own family, even as he desperately tries to fit in. An absorbing book, ideal for weeknight reading.

Her – Harriet Lane
A dark, twisty stalker tale that chillingly gets inside your head. Lane cleverly contrasts Nina’s seemingly glamorous, designer-filled lifestyle with housewife Emma’s monotonous daily struggles with childcare and husband-management. The final few pages will niggle at you for days. Perfect for a fast-paced holiday read.

The Deaths – Mark Lawson
The wild card of our list! The Deaths is a brilliantly witty, sharp observation of competitive suburban living. From coffee-snobs to train-bores, we’ve all unfortunately bumped into these people at one point or another. The murder plot adds a level of suspense, but it was the clever character depictions that we loved most. Fab reading for a daily commute.


So there you have it – our top 5 books for Summer escapism!
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