So I don’t know about you ladies but I definitely do not read enough, asides from my weekly and monthly magazine mound and the odd BBC Online News bulletin. Therefore, I made it my purpose this season to indulge my mind into an array of literature. Here’s my Spring Summer 2013 LBDs (Little Brain Delights):

Top 5: 2013 LBDs (Little Brain Delights)


The 2nd book by Mr Hossini, and if you’ve read his first (The Kite Runner) you’ll know why this is my top read.
Mesmerizingly gripping, emotional and a truthful portrayal of life for Afghan women from the 1970s into the 90s. A story from two women from two different generations with one very similar goal; survival in a man’s world.
Near impossible to put down this will be in your handbag, or out or it, at every given opportunity.

THE HELP by Kathryn Stockett

You may have watched the film and like me, a retired Au Pair, blubbed your eyes out at the end but the book is even better.
An enlightening peak into the lives of black Nannies in Jackson, Mississippi, in the 1960s. It tells the shocking yet humble accounts of the oppression suffered by so many, and only 50 years ago. Written by an author who was herself a white, middle class child with black Help, she cleverly expresses the incredible patience, strength and abilities of these women, through 3 very different characters.
Definitely watch the film after.

THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coello.

Almost twenty years after this incredible novel was translated into English, it remains an International Bestseller. After years of recommended reading, I stumbled across it in a draw in the Salvation Army Hostel in Mumbai, next to a bible. Canny as it is, an omen and now my converted religion. This will move you, guide you and reassure you that life is ours and if we want something badly enough, we will do everything in our power to get it.
This one is the best investment to your bookshelf, and I recommend going paperback, as you will read it again and again and again. My life bible.


This is recommendation will be a welcomed brain break if you take my advice on reading my top 3. One of three of Miss Handler’s books (also My Horizontal Life and Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang) this lady is the absolute specimen of bare all. Think Samantha Jones on heat. Chelsea openly tells us extracts from her crazy and fabulous life. Easy reading and be prepared to laugh out loud to yourself. This treat of tantalising mishaps is company enough for solo dining and wine for one at the bar. In fact it’s like being surrounded by your best friends after one to many cocktails.
Once you’ve chuckled through this one make sure you read the other two!

LIFE OF PI by Yann Martel

I know it’s one of those, films-out-must-read-book recommendations but I still haven’t seen the film and just over half way through the book at time of writing the one word I would describe this book is beautiful.
A slow starter but it manages to get you completely absorbed in the eloquent and exquisite descriptions of religion, family, animals and survival. Honestly, I have never had to use the dictionary on my kindle so much but this is some serious brain training. I already feel more educated and literate. Persevere through some of the complicated accounts for an unbelievable story of self-survival in the face of tragedy.

Now all you need is a pool, a lounger and a cocktail waiter. Happy reading ladies.

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