When these headphones dropped through the front door our initial thought was YES, no more stealing our boyfriends headphones, no more fiddly iPhone headphones that fall out numerous times a day, finally some real sound. And did we mention they look oh so sleek too….

TKDK Tracks HD On-Ear Headphones

We were asked to review these headphones by the lovely Sol Republic. Apparently they have a fan in Michael Phelps who wore them at the London Olympics last year; they instantly had our full attention.

The first thing we noticed was the way they don’t arrive pre-made, think IKEA flat-pack furniture but for headphones. This is by no means a difficult task though, you simply slip the ear pieces into the headband, plug in the wires at either end and your good to go.

They are easily distinguishable from other headphones we’ve seen because they have an adjustable headband which you can move to fit your head shape/size (you can easily avoid headphone kinks ladies, if thats what you’re worried about). Secondly, they claim the headband is virtually indestructible and they are so confident about it, they have a 1000-day guarantee. Lastly, they have a range of different styles and coloured headbands to choose from, so you can match your outfit to your audio equipment should you so wish!

We already have our eye on a few different designs and the classic black band is a timeless, sleek look. This is one of the most attractive features of the product, you really can make them truly personal to you.

Now onto the sound, well, our ears thought they sounded great! The sound was very crisp and had very limited sound leakage, so you can listen to your cheesiest pop albums without anyone ever knowing. The product we used were HD On-ear headphones, but they have a wide range of different types depending on your need and budget. They may not be suitable for professional purposes, but for a regular music-loving gal they are perfect.

The only downside to this product is they can be a little bit uncomfortable after extended use. This can be a problem with most headphones in this style, so not really a critique of these headphones alone, mostly caused by earrings which then jab into the side of the head! Sort of self-inflicted pain really! But we’ve heard that they can be a little uncomfortable for glasses wearers too, so we would recommend trying them on before you buy if you can.

They are very reasonable in terms of price and so all in all, we think these headphones score pretty major points in terms of sounds, style and price! What more could you ask for!


Thoughts on how to drop present hints are running around our brains!

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