Strong, single, independant lady, pro-active, sociable and busy, always taking the leap of faith giving guys your number, all in the hope of not missing an opportunity. Sound like you? Sounds like us, too!

The Rules : A single girl's bible

As a self confessed serial dater with a head full of dreams and places to be, I have written about dating, conducted experiential dating, devoured the social dating sites, handed out heaps of dating advice to the first-timers and been a speed dial pre-date motivator. Well, huge apologies to all my followers out there, it appears, I knew nothing!

Nothing, that is, until a little black book fell on my doorstep.

“The Rules: The Dating Do’s and Don’ts of the Digital Generation” at first, seemed like a good coaster and addition to my ever growing self help inspired bookshelf. Feeling the gloat of the thanks-but-I’m-good I actually found myself opening it up and doing my classic first chapter flick through before I thought it sat collecting dust with the rest of my spur-of-the-mind-health-moment collection. Boy, how wrong I was! I was hooked.

This book is not only an all-you-will-ever-need-to-read-again-in-your-dating-life book but an actual bible. A holy and majestic phenomenon for every girl and woman. ever. The venus of the single woman world.


Dating back to before the days of Carrie, the authors are two New York ladies that have dedicated their lives to the eternal happiness of women everywhere (and we mean everywhere, it has been translated into 27 different languages!) The book discusses and educates in turning dating into relationships. It answers all the “It must be me!” ” What’s wrong with me?” questions and the hours of looking at your phone just hoping he/they will text.

On first inspection it appeared to oppose everything the modern woman stands for, namely equality. Yet the very fact of the matter is, that men are men, and women are, you guessed it, women. With this in mind, this bible empowers you to take control and lead a situation to our advantage (and his) just as we would for any career or dream goal.

Tried, tested and tried again, “The Rules” will turn your life around.

In you aren’t a single Jane then read it anyway, advise your single friends, daughters, cousins, nieces, aunties, mothers…

I for one now feel safe in the hands of these dating goddesses who have inspired, guided and succeeded in getting women all over the world – happiness!

And yes, I am no longer a single lady…

If you’d like to get a copy of The Rules, head over to Amazon.

World Book Night

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