Love comes in many forms but nothing can beat reading a beautiful love story. With Valentines Day so close we Average Janes wanted to share our favourite love stories with you. Whether you are happily single or in a relationship – these picks are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a fire in your heart.

The Perfect Love Story - Best Books for Valentine's

Holly’s Valentine’s Book Pick – The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart – Anna Bell

This beautiful book is about the determination you feel when you have been knocked down. Abi has never been so upset as when the love of her life, Joseph, walked out on her. When going through her things she finds a bucket list that Joseph had written and in a bid win back his love, dives head first in completing the tasks. This is a great read, which has a couple of surprises too. I found myself rooting for Abi towards then end. Perfect if you are looking for something not too heavy going that has the feel good factor too.

Sophie BB’s Valentine’s Book Pick – Essays in Love by Alain De Botton

Essays in Love is an exquisitely written honest portrayal of real love – not fiction but fact. The movement of his words describes perfectly the journey love takes, from your heart to your head and back again – from fascination to fights, switching on and switching off. De Botton is a love lyricist and makes you feel the depth and destruction that love can have over you. It will take you up and down as you place your own experience parallel to his. Reading this book feels like De Botton has crawled into your heart and described those unexplained and unspoken feelings back to you, in the most elegant and beautiful way.

Becky’s Valentine’s Book Pick – The Ballroom – Anna Hope

Not what you might expect from your typical romance novel, this gem of a book is set in a bleak asylum in the Yorkshire Moors. It’s here that John and Ella meet – thrown together at the weekly dances held in the asylum’s ancient ballroom. The plot swoops between some tough and tragic themes – from a look at how poverty was treated as a crime, to grief and political unrest. Again, not your average romance – but what pushes through this novel is the strength of the human need for love and the will to survive. This book really kept me guessing until the end and I highly recommend it for an absorbing weekend read.

And if you think Valentines Day sucks – My Sweet Revenge – Jane Fallon

This book is for all the women out there who have ever been cheated on. Paula finds out her famous actor husband is having an affair but instead of dumping him, she wants to make him love her again so she can be the one to leave and hurt him. Hilarious and super satisfying read. Don’t take it too seriously and you will love it.

What’s your favourite lovey dovey book at the moment? We want to know @tweetjanes

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