A brand spanking new trailer has just landed for The Mountain Between Us, an adaptation of Charles Martin’s 2010 novel of the same name, starring Idris Elba and Kate Winslet.

The Mountain Between Us Trailer

For those of you Janes who haven’t read Charles Martin’s fantastic book, plot wise the film follows Dr Ben Payne (Elba) and Alex Martin (Winslet) who get stranded at an airport together after the cancellation of their flight due to stormy weather. The two decide to board a charter plane instead. However, unlucky for them, the plane crashes and they get lost in the wilderness.

The pair must work together to find their way back, where the temperature drops to the teens at night, while suffering broken ribs and a leg fracture.

The trailer depicts the two characters meeting in the airport and the lead up to their mortifying plane crash. Moments later there is a montage of shots of their excruciating journey back home. At two separate points, Winslet’s character falls through ice into freezing cold water and Elba nearly falls off a steep cliff, but being the macho hunk he is, he declares: “We’re not going to die — not today.” YES Idris.

Director Hany Abu-Assad was recently interviewed by BBC America and praised both Elba and Winslet for their outstanding performances in the film. He even let slip that Kate Winslet went all action-woman and requested to do her own stunts. This included the scene where she fell through thin ice, and guess what! She was forced to plunge into the freezing cold water not once, but THREE, times!

Abu-Assad said: “The studio, the producers were very scared that something was going to happen. The first time, it wasn’t good, so I went to Kate and everybody was like, ‘No, you can’t do that!’. (But) I asked her, ‘Listen, can we try one more time?’ She said, ‘We do what we have to do!’” What a woman, we love you Kate Winslet.

Watch the trailer below:

The Mountain Between Us is set for release in the US on October 20.

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