This thrilling bestselling novel by Dorothy Koomson, of which ITV aired a three-part adaptation, focuses on two lead characters Serena and Poppy who are the only witnesses to a tragic event in which a man dies, they are dubbed ‘The Ice Cream Girls’, one of them is found guilty and sent to prison and the other is innocent, but who really did it? You’ll want to keep turning every page in order to find out.

The Ice Cream Girls book review

The story takes place in the present time, where the two women have led different lives as a result of that tragic day. Poppy is out of prison and determined to find Serena who she is convince is the real guilty one. Serena is a mother of two who is desperately trying to keep the details of her past from being revealed.

Frequent flashbacks occur to where this story first began, both girls aged 15 form relationships with a teacher who is twice their age, a disturbing routine of abuse occurs. The unusual friendship and womanhood that was formed between these two enemies is a very interesting theme in the book. In addition, for anyone that has not experienced a physically or mentally abusive relationship, and wonder how or why woman in that situation stay with their partners, this book is a truly insightful story into the psychology of abuse from a victim and abuser perspective.

Koomson keeps you guessing, right up to the very last page. A thought-provoking and heart-warming read that we can highly recommend.


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