Hailed as the new Mean Girls, everyone is talking about the latest high school comedy chick-flick, The Duff.

The Duff Film Trailer

The plot follows Bianca (Mae Whitman), a.k.a The DUFF or Designated Ugly Fat Friend, who is described by the high school hunk Wes (Robbie Amell) as the less popular and less attractive girl in her social group.

Upon Bianca’s self-realisation that she is in fact the Duff, she decides to take it out on her best friends Jess (Skylar Samuels) and Casey (Bianca A. Santos) by deleting them on all social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Following this, she asks Wes to make her dateable and the rest you’ll have to see in the cinema!

Check out the trailer for the film here:

The Duff even has its own Regina George played by our favourite redhead Bella Thorne. Her character, Madison Morgan, is a self-obsessed vlogger and reality TV wannabe.

Whilst focusing on the timeless issue of high school social hierarchy, The Duff also has a moral message regarding the issue of cyber bullying and highlights teenage obsession with social media and mobile phones.

Overall, the film gained fairly positive reviews. The site’s consensus on Rotten Tomatoes commended the style of the film and the female lead by saying: “it offers a postmodern twist on the genre…and boasts typically great work from Mae Whitman.”

The Duff is a real contender to trump Mean Girls in memorable quotes and arrives in cinemas 10 April.

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