We fall upon some wonderful reads but unexpectedly this was thrust upon us recently and we could not put it down.
 Strong Woman by Karren Brady is a book of inspiration, motivation and that sheer hard work does indeed reap reward. 

The Wow Woman

In this honest, no-frills, business autobiography, Karren maps out her route to success and the benefiting personal traits she used to get to the top.

She wrote the book as a tool to inspire women everywhere to be the best they can be and encourage the new generation of female leaders to resist restraints and rise up.

 Ballsy Brady writes about conquering the male dominated working sphere of football and the continual fight against sexism in the business world.

She is a wonderful representative for the true meaning of feminism which she so accurately describes as actively promoting the belief that women are equal to men; and I think all of us Janes agree with that.

Karren, or should I say Dr Karren (she was awarded an honorary doctorate from Birmingham University) offers advice and her real life reflection on how to juggle business with motherhood, setting your sights for the sky and a having a determined mind set.

After you read this book, you like us will be inspired to take on the world. A real woman, with real ambitions and real results. Read. Read. Read.

Karren Brady for Prime Minister.


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