Stranger Things Trailer


If you are a Winona Ryder fan, you’ll be happy to hear she is going to be back on our screens in a new Netflix show called ‘Stranger Things’.

Set in the 1980’s, Ryder plays a distraught mother who is desperately searching for her missing son. The investigation uncovers crazy secret experiments and supernatural happenings. The first trailer for the series sets the unsettling small-town vibe in motion and quickly cuts into some chilling night-time scenes.

Co-creator Matt Duffer recently explained to The Telegraph how great it was to get Winona Ryder cast in the show. He said: “She hasn’t had a part like this before. She is a mother doing whatever she can to get her son back. She kicks a lot of asses. Winona was definitely excited by that and gave it 110 per cent.

“It was huge that we were able to land her. It gave the show an identity, and she was just amazing. Young kids and teenagers are going to discover her. Anyone older will love seeing her back and getting a good role.”

We think it looks absolutely great and cannot wait to have Winona back. If you’re looking for a new Netflix show to binge-watch, Stranger Things need to be on your list.

Watch the trailer below:

If creepy thrillers such as American Horror Story and The Returned, are your go-to TV pick, make sure you add Stranger Things to your watch list.

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Stranger Things is set to air on Netflix on July 15.

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