One’s a big burly comedian and the other a pixie-haired sultry singer – we’ll let you guess which description fits which person. So let us introduce you to the next two talents featured on our ‘Spotlight On’ this month – Rob Delaney & Sinead Harnett.

Spotlight On: Rob Delaney & Sinead Harnett

This month’s Spotlight On picks – check them out during the holidays.

Rob Delaney

Rob is an American actor, comedian and writer. He originally hails from Boston, but currently lives in London with his wife and three sons.

If you had to describe Rob’s career in three words it would be – Comedy, Catastrophe and Twitter. Delaney first came to the public eye through his quirky and obscure jokes on Twitter. He currently has over 1.2 million followers, all tuning-in for his outrageous jokes and persistent celebrity trolling. He was been named the funniest person on Twitter at the Comedy Awards in 2012.

He has written for Vice and The Guardian, including a great article entitled ‘Take a Stroll… with Rob Delaney – I am suing Kim Kardashian’ in which he rages about Kim’s ‘sham’ marriage to Kris Humphries, way back when.

Most recently, Delaney co-wrote and co-starred in Catastrophe along with Sharon Horgan. Catastrophe is a comedy series on Channel 4, now in its second season. If you have not watched the series yet, we highly recommend a Christmas holiday binge. It’s a real no-frills insight into accidental pregnancy and relationship in your mid-30s, with a lot of laughs along the way. It also appeared in our favourite boxsets article recently, so have a read of our review.

Rob Delaney Spotlight On

Sinead Harnett

Sinead is a British singer and songwriter from North London. She has appeared as a feature artist with lots of prominent musicians such as Wiley, Disclosure and Rudimental. She released her debut single ‘Got Me’ in 2013.

Sinead has a beautiful, soulful voice and you can hear her musical influences such as Lauryn Hill and Amy Winehouse. She has an edgy style of electronic pop most similar to Jessie Ware and Jhene Aiko. We also love that Sinead chopped off her locks this year into a quirky pixie-cut, which fills us with hair envy.

Sinead Harnett Spotlight On

The first single from her album was released in June 2015, called ‘She Ain’t Me’. This was shortly followed by ‘Do It Anyway’. We highly recommend checking her out if you haven’t heard her yet.

We particularly loved finding a Justin Timberlake cover by Sinead – have a watch:

That’s our Spotlight On Rob Delaney and Sinead Harnett for this month. Check them out over the festive holidays! Who are loving this month? Share with us @tweetjanes.

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