Planetarium Trailer


The first trailer has dropped for Natalie Portman’s latest film Planetarium and it looks absolutely stunning!

Portman stars alongside Lily-Rose Depp (Yoga Hosers) who play two American sisters with an unusual gift. The pair make their way through 1930s Paris and catch the attention of a filmmaker (Emmanuel Salinger) mounting an ambitious new movie.

Directed by Rebecca Zlotowski (You and the Night, Grand Central) the French Belgian drama film is set to debut at Venice Film Festival on September 2nd and we are eagerly awaiting the reviews.

The trailer gives a taste of what to expect with 1930s Paris looking beautiful, as do the two leading ladies in their gorgeous costumes. The cinematography is enchanting and it seems Planetarium will be a lovely mix of “Amélie” meets a Dior ad. Which would make logistic sense, as Portman and Depp both front French fashion houses – Christian Dior and Chanel, respectively.

The clip is a little confusing at times, as the English parts are subtitled in French and there’s sometimes no subtitles on the French speaking parts, but i’m sure we’ll find a way to work it out!

Watch the trailer below:

Planetarium has not yet been scheduled with a UK release date, but keep your eyes peeled.

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