Broods are the coolest new duo to come out of New Zealand and here at Janes we can’t get enough!

Listen Out For: Broods

The brother-sister twosome, Georgia Nott (lead vocals) and Caleb Nott (multi-instrumentalist) are on the verge of taking over the UK music scene…but where did it all begin?

Throughout their childhood living in Nelson, New Zealand, Caleb and Georgia performed small gigs together, but it wasn’t until early 2013 when Broods was officially formed.

The pair began collaborating with big-time music producer Joel Little (produced fellow New Zealander Lorde’s hit single “Royals”) whom they met when they entered into a music competition in high school. He influenced them to experiment with their sound and helped polish their debut single: Bridges.

Bridges was released online in October 2013 and within a week it had earned over 200,000 streams, an astonishing achievement for an unsigned band.

Check out Bridges here and be blown away by the synthy-pop goodness…

Two months later, following the huge success of Bridges, Broods were signed to Capitol Records and Polydore. Their debut EP, helmed by Little, was released in January 2014 and they are set to release their debut full-length album, Evergreen, in the UK later this year. So keep your eyes peeled!

They recently played at Latitude Festival on The Alcove stage, a little marquee hidden amongst the trees…the perfect setting to listen to the hauntingly beautiful sound of Georgia Knott’s voice. The only thing better than indulging in the EP is hearing the tracks played live. But do not worry if you missed the chance to see them, we expect with the impending release of their album, they will be back to tour around the UK, and when they do, be sure to grab your tickets!


Until then, have a listen to a cover they recently put up on their Twitter page @Broodsmusic ‘Stay High’ originally by one of our other musical favourites, Tove Lo. Check it out here.

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