* UPDATE: Oh Wonder’s debut album is out NOW!*

Listen Out For: Oh Wonder

We first heard the hauntingly beautiful sound of Oh Wonder during an episode of Made in Chelsea and we’ve been hooked ever since!

The London duo kicked off their career with a different name: Wonder Wonder and began building a fan base by releasing one song a month for a year. After a slight name change to Oh Wonder (as it “turns out someone had a similar band name”) and with the MIC seal of approval, the pair started to gain an extensive following.

Just over four months ago, Oh Wonder uploaded their first song on Soundcloud, Body Gold, which has grossed over 600,000 plays and gained 10,000 likes. In the months that have followed, fans have flocked to their social media sites (check out the links bellow) to hear new offerings filled with gorgeous male-female vocal harmonizing echoed through carefully nurtured lyrics.

‘All We Do’, the song featured on Made in Chelsea, epitomizes their raw talent. The simplicity in the production along with the enchanting recurring piano melody illustrates why it is one of the fan favourites, gaining nearly the same amount of plays on Soundcloud as their debut release from four months ago.

Another of our favourite tracks by Oh Wonder is Shark, have a listen to it here:

Our love for Shark is also shared by BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James who recently ended his show with the Illenium remix of it. Zane Lowe also commented on the song: “I think it’s a chart hit… It’s a big flag. You planted it in the sand and we’re dancing around it right now.”

Their next release will be on 1st February, songs will be uploaded monthly until their debut album comes out in September.

You can follow what Oh Wonder are up to on their Soundcloud.

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