It’s the beginning of January and we are all conscious that we spent (and ate, and drank) too much at Christmas. If you’re finding it hard to stay in and not spend any cash, then fear not! We have discovered some great documentaries that will keep you entertained.

Netflix nights: Must-watch Documentaries

Ok, so if you don’t have a Netflix subscription you’ll need to spend a little bit on one, but other than that, it’s free! Obviously, when you’ve finished watching these you can get back to Brooklyn 99 and Master of None to lighten your mood.

Our top must-watch documentaries

So here we go, first up…


A personal fave is Blackfish. This is a brilliant documentary on Orca whales and more specifically, the ones kept in captivity. It focuses mainly on a Seaworld trainer who was killed by one of the whales and it interviews the colleagues she worked with. This will open your eyes and leave you feeling really sad for these magnificent creatures locked up in a tiny pool.
Watch if: You love a bit of wildlife – but be warned, this is no Attenborough.

Blackfish Netflix documentaries

Making a Murderer

This one tells the story of Steven Avery, who was wrongly committed for a crime he didn’t do. He is exonerated after spending 18 years in prison, but his ordeal is far from over. You need to be in for the long haul, because this fascinating case runs over 10 episodes, each one an hour long. It also features footage from the court proceedings and interviews with all involved.
Watch if: You can’t help but watch crime programmes like CSI.

Making a murderer documentary


This is a gripping documentary all about the biggest cause to global warming that is being ignored – cows! You really won’t believe it until you watch this super-informative programme. It might not make you go vegan, but it will definitely give you some insight into what you are eating and its impact on the earth. It is also staggering to see that major corporations aren’t doing anything about what seems to be a huge problem.
Watch if: You want to help save the world

Cowspiracy must-watch documentaries

Louis Theroux: The City Addicted to Crystal Meth

Everyone loves a bit of Louis Theroux and if you haven’t seen any of his documentaries before, you really need to! He is a great investigative journalist, and this is documentary is one of his best as he takes a look at the devastating effects of crystal meth on the streets of California. He visits all sorts of people and the harrowing lives they lead just to get their next hit of meth.
Watch if: You want to see Breaking Bad in real life.

Louis Theroux documentaries

Print the Legend

This techie documentary follows two companies who are trying to make it in the world of 3D printing. Not my usual “go to” when looking for something to watch, but this really did open my eyes into this industry and it was interesting to see what these guys had to go through to get their products on the market.
Watch if: You are a bit of a tech nerd

Print the legend must-watch documentaries

All of the documentaries can be found on Netflix.

So there you have it. Five awesome documentaries that will keep you entertained over your cosy January nights in.

We’ll admit, they aren’t the happiest watches in the world – but they will give you some good insights.

What will you be watching? Have you seen these and want to tell us what you think? Let us know @tweetjanes

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