Tove Lo is the coolest new singer to come out of Sweden, and we are massive fans here at Janes! Creeping up the UK Singles charts, currently at number 10, is her song ‘Stay High’ feat. Hippie Sabotage. You have probably heard it and are now humming the chorus…but who actually is this wonderful new artist?

We LOVE Tove Lo

Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, better known as her stage name Tove Lo, is a Swedish indie pop and indie rock singer. She has been in the music scene for many years, writing songs for a number of artists including Icona Pop and Girls Aloud. But now she has decided it’s time to make a break for it with her own music and boy are we happy about that!

Whilst most people have only heard ‘Stay High’, we can assure you that Tove Lo is not a one hit wonder. Her newly released debut EP Truth Serum has been widely accredited by both those in the industry and music lovers, with an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on iTunes.

If you are a fan of the single ‘Stay High’, you’ll also love ‘Habits’, the original song Stay High was remixed from. We actually prefer ‘Habits’ to ‘Stay High’, simply because it offers a better representation of the raw emotion felt when dealing with a break-up, rather than a song that will undoubtedly be a clubbers favourite.

Love and heartbreak are the main themes running through the EP as the lyrical choices within the songs follow the progression of a relationship. It starts off with ‘Not on Drugs’ and ‘Paradise’, both depicting the happy beginning and the crazy feelings that consume someone when they fall in love, but quickly it all turns sour in ‘Over’ when the realisation kicks in that the relationship is finished.


The songs that follow depict the post-break up stage, with ‘Habits’ assuring that the way forward is excessive amounts of alcohol and other substances in an attempt to forget all feelings. Whilst ‘Out of my Mind’ conveys the relapse, when you wonder whether getting over the person you love is physically possible, “how can you say I’ll be alright, what makes you think that I’ll be fine?”…a question I’m sure we’ve all asked an ex.

The EP is twenty minutes of pop gold, with each track blaring out some funky hooks that will keep your singing the songs for days on end. Tove Lo has to be one of our favourite new sounds of 2014 and we cannot wait to hear she has up her sleeves for us in the future!

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