Based on the bestselling novel by Nick Hornby, A Long Way Down is a rather beautiful and inspiring story…

A Long Way Down trailer

From the writer of About A Boy, the story follows four, very different, strangers who unintentionally meet on a notorious suicide rooftop and begin a friendship that gives them a reason to step back from the edge.

Martin Sharp, a disgraced celebrity played by Pierce Brosnan. Maureen, a 51 year old single mother with a disabled son, played by Toni Collete. Jess Crichton, a politican’s daughter whose family problems have consumed her, played by Imogen Poots And finally, JJ, a wannabe rock star whose dreams have been virtually shattered, played by Aaron Paul.

With a fantastic cast (Toni Collete is a gem!) and dark humour this heartwarming story seems sure to set the big screen alight with inspiration for life. And with our new girl crush and up-coming Hollywood darling, Imogen Poots in a leading role we think we will not be disappointed!

If you love a film with some ‘life inspiration’ we think this will be the one for you and we can’t wait to see it!

Watch the trailer below…

A Long Way Down is released in cinemas on March 21

Tickled your fancy?


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