The Tea Terrace in London Is Offering ‘Selfieccinos’


If we had to rank our absolute favourite things, we’re fairly sure coffee and selfies would make the Top 5 alongside the likes of Kit Harrington. Which is why we’re so excited about something called ‘Selfieccinos’. Yes, The Tea Terrace in London has introduced futuristic technology that enables Janes’ selfies to be printed on the froth of their cappuccinos!

Combining the art of the selfie with a strong cup of Joe, The Tea Terrace has become the first place in the UK and Europe to offer what it is calling the ‘Selfieccino’. The cup of cappuccino comes printed with the customer’s selfie printed on it using a printing technology that scans the selfie and injects edible food colouring into the froth to print the image.

All Janes have to do is simply take a selfie and then send it via a messaging app to the barista at The Tea Terrace. The barista then puts the mug of cappuccino under the high-tech printer which then prints the selfie on to the froth in less than 30 seconds.


This is not the first time The Tea Terrace has been a pioneer of coffee photo opportunities. The company first introduced its fairy-tale ‘throne chairs’ a few years ago and last May, the tea rooms introduced Cinderella-style golden princess carriages in which Janes can dine with one of their delicious cupcakes or more than 25 different flavours of tea.

The Selfieccino will first be available at The Tea Terrace’s branch on the 5th floor of House of Fraser, Oxford Street in London. It will then be rolled out to The Tea Terrace branches at House of Fraser on Victoria Street in London and House of Fraser in Guildford, Surrey. Head over to The Tea Terrace Website for more details.