As huge fans of the Swiss-German pop duo Boy, we are overjoyed to reveal their second album will be released mid October!

Listen Out For: BOY

Boy, composed of Swiss singer Valeska Steiner and German bassist Sonja Glass, were founded back in 2007, when the two met whilst studying a pop-music course at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg.

Their debut album, ‘Mutual Friends’ was released in 2011 and was gold certified in Germany. Over here in the UK, the album initially gained little attention, until it was re-released in 2012. Their seriously catchy single “Little Numbers” was embraced by indie audiences and was used in many American TV shows and commercials.

Check out the wonderful video for ‘Little Numbers’ below, it is bound to put a smile on your face…

Now, from what we can tell through regular updates on their Facebook page, the two women behind Boy are about to head off on their latest tour to promote the new album, titled ‘We Were Here’. In a recent post, they wrote: “BOYfriends! We can’t wait to share our new music with you. Our album ‘WE WERE HERE’ will be released in late summer. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!’

Since this update, Boy have shared a lyric video for their irresistibly airy, yet lyrically powerful first single on the album called ‘We Were Here.’ They also posted a stunning acoustic video for another track  ‘Into The Wild’, shot by Benedikt Schnermann in the middle of a forest.

Until the release of their album in October, we are hoping there will be more lovely videos like this uploaded to their Facebook or Twitter pages, we will be keeping an eye out.

Sadly, the ‘We Were Here’ tour is not coming to the UK, but if any Janes are lucky enough to be heading to Germany, Austria or Switzerland in October/November make sure you don’t miss out on seeing Boy perform live:

29.10.2015 Bremen | Schlachthof
30.10.2015 Düsseldorf | New Fall Festival @ Tonhalle 
31.10.2015 Erlangen | E-Werk
02.11.2015 A-Wien | Arena
03.11.2015 A-Graz | PPC
04.11.2015 A-Linz | Ahoi! Pop Festival @ Posthof
05.11.2015 Ulm | Roxy
08.11.2015 Stuttgart | Im Wizemann
09.11.2015 München | Muffathalle
10.11.2015 CH-Bern | Bierhübeli
12.11.2015 CH-Luzern | Schüür
13.11.2015 CH-Basel | Volkshaus
14.11.2015 CH-Zürich | Kaufleuten
15.11.2015 Heidelberg | Halle 02
17.11.2015 Frankfurt | Gibson
18.11.2015 Dortmund | FZW
20.11.2015 Osnabrück | Hyde Park
22.11.2015 Leipzig | Werk 2
23.11.2015 Berlin | Tempodrom
24.11.2015 Hannover | Capitol
25.11.2015 Hamburg | Grosse Freiheit 36
Tickets are available here.

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