Imperium Trailer


Fans of Daniel Radcliffe will be pleased to know he will be back on our cinema screens soon in new gritty thriller film, Imperium!

Based on the real-life experiences of FBI undercover agent Michael German, Radcliffe plays Nate Foster, a young, idealistic FBI agent, who goes undercover to take down a radical right-wing terrorist group.

Daniel Ragussis penned the script with German, and he’s making a big jump from short filmmaking to feature-length with the project.

Snagging Radcliffe will surely bring a big audience to see this relatively small-scale thriller, and all of us here at Janes HQ are excited to see him in this role.

Imperium also stars Toni Collette, Tracy Letts, with Nestor Carbonell, Burn Gorman and Sam Trammell.

Ragussis discussed the film and how he interpreted Michael German’s story: “His greatest strengths are his intelligence and his people skills; I learned from Michael that actual undercover agents are primarily master manipulators — able to win confidences, control situations, and out-think the enemy, even when mortal danger is staring them in the face.

“Toni Collette plays Angela Zamparo, Nate’s case agent and supervisor. She’s spent years focusing on white supremacist terrorism and is really the only person out there that’s focused on keeping Nate alive.”

As shocking as it might be to see Harry Potter turn into a neo-Nazi Skinhead, it’s admirable to see Radcliffe continuing to take chances with his career. We hope it pays off!

Watch the trailer for Imperium below:

The UK release date is still up in the air, according to recent updates it is August 2016.

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