It’s a cliché but Paris is a wonderful city, it’s hard not to love it – beautiful architecture, fantastic shopping, culture and of course the FOOD. Now, more than ever, Paris is a food lover’s paradise, alongside French food there are many restaurants, cafes, shops and even street food trucks bringing cuisines from around the world. Here’s our food lover’s guide to what is delicious in Paris right now.

A Foodie Guide to Paris

BRUNCH: Holybelly Café
19 Rue Lucien Sampaix, 75010 Paris

It’s 2015, everyone is doing brunch, even the Parisians, or Canadians in this case. Run by French-Canadian owners Holybelly is a busy café tucked away on the 10th arrondissement. Their brunches are fantastic –eggs, bacon, great bread or something sweet like pain perdu or pancakes. They’re serious about coffee too, and it’s served up in cheery yellow cups, which are bound to brighten your morning. Get there early because it fills up. Also open for dinner, and all day for coffee and cake.
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BAKERY: Du pain et des idées
34 Rue Yves Toudic, 75010 Paris

The most unique breads and pastries in the city, and the friendliest staff. Their signature bread is the “pain des amis” – a huge loaf from which they cut wedges off for you – with a crisp smoky crust from their wood fired oven, and a perfectly soft interior. It just needs butter. You should also pick up an “escargot” pastry, a pinwheel of sweet croissant dough filled with verdant pistachios or addictive pink praline.
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CREPES: Breizh Café
109 rue Vieille du Temple, 75003

A little slice of Brittany in Paris. Breizh Café is owned by French and Japanese owners, and that’s reflected in the food (French) and décor (Japanese), they even have a Tokyo branch. This petite café is in the trendy Marais district, with just a handful of tables. They specialise in buckwheat crepe,s or galettes de blé noir. Start with a ham, egg and cheese galette and finish with the sweet crepes with butter poached apples and crème fraiche – wash it down with authentic Breton cider.

PATISSERIE: L’éclair de Genie
32 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires, 75002

As beautiful as they are delicious, L’éclair de Genie is the most du jour bakery in the city. Styled like a fashion boutique, éclairs are lined up in glass cabinets looking as beautiful as a pair of Jimmy Choo heels. The prices aren’t pretty but you’ll forget all of that once you bite into the crisp pastry filled with sweet crème patisserie.
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STREET FOOD: Le Camion Qui Fume
The gourmet burger trend is just as popular in Paris, and you can’t go wrong with a trip to this street food truck. Expect the classics – cheeseburgers and fries, but also coleslaw, chicken avocado burgers and homemade coleslaw. Find out where they are each day by following them on Twitter.
Check out their website

58 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002

If you love baking and/or staring at tall shelves of chocolate chips, the G Detou is the place for you. This tiny shop is stuffed with everything the amateur or professional baker would want. You’ll find shelves of chocolate in every percentage you can think of, flavoured honeys and mustards, flour from every grain imaginable, jars of spices and much more that we don’t have room to list. It’s heaven.

VEGGIE: L’As du Fallafel
34, rue des Rosiers, 75004

If you’re a vegetarian you this is the place to go when you tire of goat’s cheese salads. One of the best falafel joints in the city, the queues prove it. Ignore the rest of the menu and order the falafels – crisp, spicy and piled high with accompaniments – tahini, cabbage, aubergine and coriander. Add some of their homemade harissa and you’ve got a fantastic cheap meal to fuel more sightseeing.

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