Yay! We have made it through the most depressing month of the year! This should be reason enough to be happy about 2017, but if you need some extra help in finding some of that inner happiness you lost when 2016 came to an end, we can help, with an app for every occasion.

Find your inner app-iness!

Holly has been sifting through the app store and has found some great apps that are guaranteed to bring calm and happiness into your day.

Our Top 3 Mood-Lifting Apps

The best part? They are all free (sort of).

To Relax – Headspace

Headspace is a great app that encourages you to take 10 minutes out of your day to meditate. There is lots of chat floating around at the moment about mindfulness and mental health, and it’s believed that meditation can help you be calmer, happier and healthier. Now, this app isn’t totally free. The free trail is 10 days of walked-through meditation, and then you subscribe. Not everyone has time to take 10 minutes out the their day to literally do nothing, so this one is good for a commuter.

Find it in the App Store.


To Learn – Highbrow

Ok, so this one isn’t technically an app, but it is awesome and you should all sign up right now. Highbrow is a cool website that sends you a 5 minute lesson every day to your email inbox. You sign up to a “course” and then every day for two weeks you are taken on a bite-sized learning journey through the topic. It’s a great way to have 5 minutes to yourself at lunchtime or on your commute, especially if work is taking it out of you. There really is something for everyone – from “How to build an online business” to “Mysterious World Landmarks”. I have just finished “The Secrets of Boy Language”. You can literally learn something new everyday!

Available from gohighbrow.com

Top Podcasts - My Dad Wrote a Porno

To Laugh – Podcasts

I have recently discovered a podcasts app (yes, I have just landed from the 90s). There is one that comes as standard on your iPhone (and lots of other ones are downloadable on GooglePlay and Windows Store). As I was browsing the app I found a podcast called “My Dad Wrote a Porno”. I was so intrigued I began to listen and it has brightened my commute ever since. The premise is exactly as it says – some guy’s dad wrote an erotic novel and he reads it out, a chapter at a time, with a couple of his famous mates. I guarantee it will make you look crazy on the bus or train in the mornings as you sit grinning and sometimes actually laughing out loud to this brilliant podcast. There are some other great ones too, like Glamour’s “Hey it’s OK..” and BBC Radio 4’s “Friday Night Comedy”.

Find them in the App Store.

There you go! Three little ways you can boost your happiness and inject some learning vibes into 2017.

What are your favourite apps to put a smile on your face? Let us know – @tweetjanes.

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