If you have just moved into a new place or you’re looking to spruce up an existing room in your house, finding a great art print can make a huge difference – it shows a bit of your personality and can be a great conversation starter at one of your swanky dinner parties (if you ever had one…!).

Where to find the best Art prints

If, like us you are a bit of an art n00b and don’t know where to start why not check out these sites, but be warned you will get stuck looking at pages and pages of amazing prints for hours on end…

Society 6

Society 6 has a vast collection of high quality prints and canvases for all your arty needs. They feature artists from all over the world so you will be sure to find something suitable on here. They also create popular prints into totes, phone cases, t-shirts, duvet covers you name it so you can create unique additions to your home. If you have no idea what kind of print you’re looking for, start off at Society 6 and it will help to narrow your selections down.
Check them out here

Urban Outfitters

If you’re looking for an easy and convenient place to pick up a vintage music poster or animal wall sticker then urban outfitter have a selection of cute pieces to add to your home. We especially love the Nicole Thompson poster pack for only £20 which has a pack of 6 amazing prints.
Check them out here


The Etsy website is cleverly categorised into helpful sections to allow you to hone in on the particular type of artwork you want (oil painting, illustration, wall hangings etc). If you are unfamiliar with Etsy, it is a cross between eBay and Pinterest where sellers can advertise a variety of products including vintage items that must be 20 years old or more. From the buyers perspective it is a simple website to navigate and you feel more connected to the artist due to the picture and biography section.
Check them out here

And don’t forget…

The conventional methods of finding great art pieces. If you’re starting university this year make sure you make a trip to the poster fairs held at most universities, from the terrific to the downright tragic you will be sure to find something to suit all needs. Got a friend that is an artist? Go have a look in their studio, or ask them to create something bespoke for you. Lastly, what’s that age old saying ‘One man’s trash in another man’s treasure’ – make sure to have a good rummage at car boot sales, your mum’s garage, your best friends attic to find any hidden treasures!

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