Christmas films to rewatch

Elf Christmas films to rewatch

‘Tis the season to wrap ourselves in a blanket, hug a tin of Quality Street and hunker down with some cracking Christmas films! We got reminiscing about our favourites here at Janes HQ – from holiday season classics to the films that are always replayed at this time of year.

We thought we’d share our favourites for the festive holidays. So grab a bumper pack of mince pies and indulge in some well-deserved Christmas films for a bit of downtime.

The best Christmas films and TV series to rewatch

Elf (2003)

Nell: I absolutely love Christmas and there is no better way to start feeling festive than sticking on a good old Christmas classic. No Christmas season would be complete for me without at least one viewing of ‘Elf’. This film is funny, heart-warming and nice easy viewing, great for a cosy night in.

Sophie: One of those films I don’t want to like as it’s so daft. But it’s just so funny I find myself guffawing at it like a buffoon. Will Ferrell is adorable (yep, I said it) as Buddy the adult-sized Elf desperate to bond with his dad. It also stars a blonde Zooey Deschanel which is just about as confusingly good as chocolate pretzels, it totally works. A good family-friendly fun Christmas film.

Holiday Inn (1942)

Sophie: Starring Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds and a young Bing Crosby, this musical is a solid Christmas classic. You’re whisked away to a hotel, Holiday Inn, only open on the holidays with dancing, singing and general merriment. There’s an insanely cool dance scene that p****s all over any Justin Timberlake number. The film has all original music including the infamous “White Christmas” which won an Oscar. A cheeky bit of trivia, in 1952 the founder of the well-known hotel chain Holiday Inn named it after this film. Sadly at the real Holiday Inns the staff don’t break into a song, no matter how much you insist.

Holiday Inn Christmas films

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Holly: I love watching The Nightmare Before Christmas around the festive period. I’m still unsure whether it’s a Halloween or a Christmas film, but I like it most at Christmas. All the songs and characters makes it an unconventional film choice but it’s sure to put a smile on my face every year.

Libby: It wouldn’t be Christmas without watching one of my favourite films, The Nightmare Before Christmas. For those of you who haven’t seen it, it tells the story of Jack Skellington, a character from “Halloween Town” who decides to celebrate Christmas with some drastic and comical consequences. Think Tim Burton at his finest.

The Nightmare Before Christmas films

Friends – the Holiday Specials

Rhian: Over the Christmas period I really enjoy watching old Friends episodes, the Christmassy ones in particular. My favourite has got to be The One With The Holiday Armadillo in Season 7. I smile just thinking about it now!

The Holiday (2006)

Sophie: The one where Kate Winslet switches her quaint cottage in Surrey for Cameron Diaz’s LA mansion for crimbo. Obviously it’s hugely unrealistic, Diaz meant to be slumming it, yet is swanning around in what’s probs a million pound cottage. And what kids under 6 in it are doing with their OWN mobile phones god only knows. Ridiculousness aside, I still love it. Fave parts include Cameron Diaz doing a boozy supermarket shop and getting hideously drunk (basically every day of Christmas), the really old bloke Kate Winslet helps to walk (sob!) and obviously Jude Law looking particularly dreamy.

The Holiday Christmas films


Rhian: In terms of films, I usually watch whatever’s on the TV as that involves minimal effort or movement which can be tough after a big turkey dinner! The classics are always replayed such as Home Alone and Armageddon – not sure if Armageddon counts as a Christmas film but it’s always on!

Meet Me in St. Louis (1944)

Nell: If I feel like watching something a little more classic I love ‘Meet Me in St. Louis’. Although not technically a Christmas film, it does feature an amazing Christmas Ball and Judy Garland singing ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ is one of the most touching festive scenes.

 Meet Me in St Louis Christmas films

Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special

Holly: I also love watching the Vicar of Dibley Christmas special where Dawn French has about six Christmas dinners in one day. Never gets old!

Love Actually (2003)

Becky (Editor): I’m just going to say it – the film I always end up rewatching this time of year is Love Actually. Yes, it is incredibly corny and has some dubious love story plotlines. But Rowan Atkinson’s gift wrapping scene is so hilarious! And Martina McCutcheon’s Natalie character is so beautifully normal. And they got Colin Firth to recreate his Mr Darcy lake-jumping scene! In my eyes, that just makes my Christmas.

Love Actually Christmas films

So there you have it – all the Christmas films we’ll be snuggling down to watch during the holidays! What Christmas films will you be watching? Let us know – @tweetjanes.