The wait is finally over! The first trailer for Bridget Jones’ Baby has just been released and it looks set to be one of the funniest films of the year!

Bridget Jones' Baby Trailer

The trailer for the film was debuted exclusively on the Ellen DeGeneres Show by the leading lady herself, Renée Zellweger.

Renée joined Ellen on her show to discuss the film. When the chat show host asked if there would be an ‘It’s Raining Men’ style fight in the film (between the two leading men Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey) she kept tight-lipped and said she wasn’t allowed to say.

In the interview she couldn’t reveal too much about the film, but she did say how lovely Patrick Dempsey, who plays her new love interest ‘Jack Qwant’ is and how wonderful it was to have him join the cast.

The story centres on the next chapter of Bridget’s life, when she finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and not entirely sure who the father is.

Bridget Jones’ Baby will see the return of some of our favourite cast members including Bridget’s parents played by Gemma Jones and Jim Broadbent, along with her trio of friends: James Callis, Sally Phillips and Shirley Henderson. Emma Thompson will also be making an appearance and singer Ed Sheeran pops up in the trailer.

Sadly, we don’t think Hugh Grant will be featuring, but Grey’s Anatomy’s ‘McDreamy’ will make up for it.

The newly released trailer opens with Bridget walking down the aisle in a wedding dress, only for the scene to cut to a recreation of the infamous ‘All By Myself’ singalong from the first film.

“So there I was surrounded by my friends and all ready for my happy ever after,’ the character’s voiceover said. “At least that’s how I pictured it, the reality was much more single.” 

But, who will Bridget end up with this time, Mark Darcy or Jack Qwant?

Watch the trailer below:

The film will be released on September 16 in the US and UK.

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