Move over Gogglebox, we have a new reality TV addiction – BBC Two’s The Kitchen. This new fly-on-the-wall documentary follows eight British families as they cook and eat their daily meals. From spag bol, to trout with tarragon, the insight into family dynamics and eating habits is warm-hearted, and at times, utterly hilarious!

BBC 2 The Kitchen

We’re already hooked and picking our favourites – as well as the ones we love to hate. From the ultra-posh Garrbutts (he’s a solicitor, she’s in PR, and daughter Daphne is warned not to ‘scoff herself with mozzarella’), to the Clapham lads delicately sipping Prosecco, and the lovable elderly Bradshaw couple who take their own food on holiday so as ‘not to be in anybody’s way’ (so cute!), there’s plenty of food-related banter to keep us amused.

Where the Gogglebox families are starting to become more evidently self-aware, The Kitchen’s households are still unused to performing for the cameras (well, with the possible exception of young Daphne…), resulting in some sweet, candid moments. Such as Ginny Evans teaching 10-year-old brother Gabriel about healthy eating, Lee Barry admitting he’d love to marry partner Louise but food bills take priority, or dad Amar happily declaring he’d take a pie in the face for charity – as long as he can pick the pie.

TV critics are arguing that the lack of microwave ready-meals, or anyone sitting down in front of the telly to eat, makes it a bit staged – but to be honest, it’s so entertaining that we’re not really bothered!


So, for a healthy dollop of warm fuzzy feelings, and a large measure of shout-out-loud, laughter, tune in to The Kitchen – we reckon you’ll be wanting multiple helpings!

Catch The Kitchen on BBC 2, Mondays at 9pm

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