If you are familiar with Hosseini’s previous novels (The Kiterunner and A Thousand Splendid Suns) then you will be well acquainted with the beginning setting of this book, Afghanistan. However he also explores a range of different places including Paris, California and Greece, with all characters connected to Afghanistan in some way.

And the Mountains Echoed Khalid Hosseini

The tale begins with Abdullah and Pari brother and sister who are accompanying their father to Kabul from their small village of Shabhgad where he is going to start some construction work, Hosseini beautifully details the love and affection between the two siblings who lost their mother during the birth of Pari, they have a deeply strong connection that resonates through the entire book.

The events that occur during their trip to Kabul change their lives for ever and the book goes on to detail how the affects of that day changed the lives of not only Abdullah and Pari but those connected with them in a variety of ways.

The main theme that resonates throughout the book is family, and all the intricacies that come with them. It makes you think about what defines a family, a sibling, a mother etc. We really enjoyed the exploration into different cities that Hosseini hasn’t established in other books.

Hosseini has shown once again that he is able to highlight the hope and courage of the human race and the book leaves you with a huge amount of perspective that only occurs from reading a really great and important book. Good luck not shedding a tear at the end, not ashamed to admit that we did!


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