Women of Britain, vote!


To be frank, we would rather sink into the sofa with a good book than sink into the fog of the general election debates, and that we did.

We recently read the acclaimed, Jenni Murray’s book “The History of Britain in 21 women” and it is incredible to truly understand the colossal significance of each and everyone one of these women (and many more) in achieving life changing attitudes and policies in the country we live in.

One thing this general election should really make us think of, as Janes, is that we have a voice. Many women still do not.

In this fabulously feminist book, we discovered that these women have influenced and inspired not only politics and social policies but also education, economics, art and culture, creating the world we exist in today.

I went to school, I went to university, I played sports, I learnt to drive, I wear trousers, I smoked, I went on the pill, I rented a flat, I opened bank accounts, I travelled alone, I earn my own money. I can vote.

Just 100 years ago, none of these were possible for women to do, either at all or without a father or husband!

Murray’s research approach doesn’t make this an airy fairy reading but provides a record account of these women; and not just the public struggles for gender equality in their fields and passions but their personal struggles that not only encouraged them but also didn’t stand in their way for what they knew was right.


We urge you to buy this book, read it, absorb it, be inspired by it and then share it with all the other strong and wonderful women in your life. We couldn’t put it down.

We are not saying we are 100% there yet but everyone of these 21 women wasn’t either, but they did their bit, and perhaps there are a lot of you reading this that will too. Regardless of the size of impact, it is impact all the same and you never know how your actions will inspire others, just like a ripple effect. A ripple effect of strong, wonderful women.

But, honestly, if you do anything, then on the 8th June, vote. As to have that right, has been a long 2000 year battle for many strong, wonderful Janes, just like us.