What your Boyfriend really wants for Christmas: Booze

What to buy your Boyfriend for Christmas: Booze

We know women are pretty good when it comes to present-buying – and in fact Christmas organisation in general! But with so many lists to keep track of at this time of year, we can sometimes do with a helping hand. So we’ve sought help from our brother site, Average Joes, who have pulled together ideas to buy our partners for Christmas.

We’ll release five guides over the next week or so: Booze, Gadgets, Sports, Style and, naturally, Socks! You’ll find them all featured under the guise of ‘What Your Boyfriend Really Wants for Christmas’. Whether you’re in the honeymoon phase or have known each other for years, you’ll find some inspiration for gifts for your Significant Other.

So to get into the festive spirit (sorry…), here is our first guide to what your boyfriend really wants for Christmas when it comes to booze, written by the fabulous David over at Joes!

What your Boyfriend really wants for Christmas: Booze

HonestBrew Taster Kit

First thing you need to know when you’re getting your boyfriend booze is their likes and dislikes. I.e. Gin or Vodka, Beer or Cider, Red or White. But sometimes that’s not enough, given the vast amount of tipple on offer. Which is why we love this idea from the Joes at HonestBrew!

Craft beer is most definitely ‘in’ but if your boyf is still getting to grips with the revolution, getting a selection is the best way forward. HonestBrew are an online retailer who specialise in matching beers to Joes’ tastes and deliver them directly to your home.

Start with the HonestBrew Taster Kit, which includes six different, delicious craft beers and feedback on your likes and dislikes using the taste cards. HonestBrew experts will then curate a bespoke collection of 12 beers for your man each month depending on what he likes. Perfect!

Prices start at £12 for the Taster Kit or £48 for the Honesty Box subscription. Check out the HonestBrew website for more details.

Honest Brew Christmas Present - 2015 Gift Guide

Haig Club Whiskey

One of the biggest alcohol launches last year. With director Guy Ritchie at the helm and that man David Beckham appearing in the advert, along to Left Hand Free from Alt-J. Could it get better?
If your Joe is into his whiskey then we can’t recommend The Haig Club enough. We love the beautiful Single Grain Scotch Whisky from the House of Haig. As well as the advertising, the brand is co-owned by Becks and Ritchie amongst others. Essentially it’s as cool as cool can come.

With its striking bottle, Haig Club will work perfectly as a gift and is also an elegant addition to your festive drinks cabinet. The fresh and clean style, with notes of butterscotch and toffee, make Haig Club ideal for cocktails if you’re throwing a Christmas or New Year’s do! The star of this year’s Haig Club Christmas gift range is a distinct, unique and luxurious limited edition bottle (70cl), crowned with a crystal effect stopper, inspired by the bespoke Haig Club decanter David Beckham received for his 40th birthday earlier this year. If it’s good enough for Becks, it’s certainly good enough for us!

Prices for Haig Club start at around £45 (70cl) and rise to £55 for the Limited Edition Bottle. Check out stockists at the Haig Club website.

Haig Club Christmas Present - 2015 Gift Guide

Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE Edition

We know you’re probably thinking of getting your Joe something Bond-related this Christmas, so you might as well make it worthwhile with this limited edition Belvedere 007 SPECTRE Bottle.

The world’s first luxury vodka is distilled exclusively from the finest rye and quadruple distilled. This 007 bottle features the iconic James Bond gun barrel, as well as the mark of the SPECTRE organisation used in the film. When you give it to him, you should also probably make sure you get the recipe for the timeless Shaken Not Stirred 007 martini too!

The Belvedere Vodka SPECTRE Edition bottle costs £35.95 and make sure you check out how to make that famous martini at the Belvedere website!

Belvedere 007 Edition Christmas Present - 2015 Gift Guide

Don Papa Rum

Here at Joes HQ we adore a dark rum, so we have to recommend going off the beaten track and trying something your partner might not have had before. Like Don Papa Rum. ‘The Don’, as it’s otherwise known, was inspired by Dionisio ‘Papa’ Magbuelas, a foreman at a sugar plantation who became a hero of the Philippine revolution.

Don Papa is a premium aged small batch rum from the isle of Negros Occidental in the Philippines. Distilled from some of the finest sugar cane in the world, Don Papa is aged for 7 years in oak barrels in the foothills of Mount Kanlaon before being blended to perfection.

But for something extra special, Don Papa 10 Year Limited Edition rum might do just the trick! The 10 Year edition is a lot darker than the 7 and goes down long and smooth with notes of cocoa and vanilla, as well as a touch of spice and oak.

You can get hold of Don Papa Rum for around £30, with the 10 Years Limited Edition setting you back around £40. Check out more at the Don Papa website.

Don Papa Rum Christmas Present - 2015 Gift Guide

Warner Edwards Dry Gin

We don’t know about you, but it wouldn’t quite feel like Christmas without falling asleep on the sofa to Die Hard with a G&T in our hand. So give your Joe a treat this Christmas with the award winning Warner Edwards Harrington Dry Gin.

Long-time friends Tom Warner and Sion Edwards make their gin at one of their family farms in Northamptonshire using botanicals from around the world and fresh spring water from a local stream to create their unique flavour. Bright and crisp with strong notes of fresh juniper and exotic spice, as well as flavours of fragrant coriander and citrus, this gin is more than just the booze in your cocktail. If you’re feeling adventurous, they also make a rather intriguing rhubarb gin, as well as sloe and elderflower versions.

For a bottle of Warner Edwards Dry Gin, you’re looking at a shade over £30. The duo were awarded a Double-Gold Award at the San Francisco World Spirits Awards in 2014 – the highest accolade possible – so you know you’re onto a winner!

Warner Edwards Gin Christmas Present - 2015 Gift Guide

Johnnie Walker Blue Label Limited Edition

Johnnie Walker has always been one of our favourite whisky brands. And the Blue Label is probably our favourite of them all. The latest luxury blended Scotch is in a limited edition gift box with only 7000 available around the world.

The 20cl bottle and gift box will set you back just shy of £50.

The Cold Shot Whisky Stones

It doesn’t have to just be about pure alcohol, and drink-based paraphernalia is also a sure bet. Whilst whisky stones are nothing new, these ones from cold shot are moulded on the shape of a bullet and keep dead cool. You get 6 stainless steel ‘bullets’ in a rather cool leather pouch, making them the perfect gift. Just re-freeze as soon as they lose their cool! Grab them on special offer now from www.thecoldshot.co.uk.

Cold Shot Bullets Whisky Stones Christmas Present - 2015 Gift Guide

Martell 300 Year Anniversary Cognac

We couldn’t end the guide without including an ultimate classic. If you have a gentleman in your life who is into his Cognac, the 300 year anniversary edition is just perfect. Pre-wrapped and gift boxed for just £26.25. It is the ideal stocking filler.

Martell Cognac Christmas Present - 2015 Gift Guide

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