At Average Janes, we’re massive Spice Girls fans. We may have even rocked the odd scrunchie, Adidas crop top and Reebok popper trousers pretending to be Sporty Spice back in the day. Before you ask “who do you think you are?”, we were super cool and way ahead of the 90s trend. We love the girl power vibe and what better way to use it to gather momentum and influence things that really matter.

What we really, really want

So get ready to spice up your life, because the Global Goals campaign has remixed the Spice Girls’ smash 1996 hit “Wannabe” video to fight for women’s rights. Zig-a-zig-AHHHHH. It’s flipping brilliant and we LOVE it.

Global Goals video campaign

The video uses the original song (phew!) but remakes the video with a mix of locations with a diverse bunch of girls lip-syncing. It also magnificently combines the nostalgia of the first vid – chokers, crop tops and high kicks – with some super mama Beyoncé-like dancing that brings it slap bang into 2016. It even stars a few celebrity artists such as Bollywood actress Jacqueline Fernandez and British hip hop group M.O. We know, this level of girl power is just too much.

Quality education campaign video

The video shows messages of what the campaign calls for in clever ways, with a classroom full of girls dressed in hijabs who dance with “Quality Education For All Girls” on the blackboard, and saying goodbye to violence against girls by women strutting through the street with a sheet with an emotive message sewn on.

The remake even takes on the iconic moment of the original – as if two become one – with five girls cutting some shapes on marble stairs and an infamous London red doubledecker bus, this time emblazoned with “Equal pay for equal work”.

Global Goals campaign

Girl Power for 2016

The video ends on a powerful message: “Girl power has come a long way. Let’s take it further.”

So stop what you’re doing, get your hashtags at the ready, and say you’ll be there on social media with #WhatIReallyReallyWant

Post your photos and messages to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag saying what you really want for girls and women. The Global Goals campaign promises “If you make the noise, we’ll get your message to world leaders at the UN in September.”

Viva forever! (Ok, fine, that really wasn’t subtle. Special bonus points and a Mel C high kick if you counted all ten Spice Girls song titles shoehorned into this blog post.)

Watch the video

Have you watched the video yet? Let us know what you think – @tweetjanes.

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