We’ve ventured Down Under and found something truly British, with plenty of doggy-style, plus a Royal salute…

We want to sleep with Peter Alexander

Meet Peter Alexander: a quirky Australian fashion designer who has been in the game for 25 years, also known as The King of Sleepwear. With a little sausage dog as his brand mascot, Peter has given a bright, vibrant new edge to how we go to bed. At Average Janes, where we love cutesy pyjamas almost as much as our morning cuppa, we couldn’t be more intrigued…

Apparently plenty of celebrities have been sleeping with Peter over the years – he has dressed famous torsos such as Kylie Minogue, Toni Collette, Salma Hayak, Nicole Ritchie and even Lady Gaga. Now, his latest line prepares it’s wearers for sleepy time – London style!

Peter Alexander has embraced the ‘Best of British’ theme for his most recent line of clothing, with a controversial catalogue of the British Royal Family look-a-likeys dressed in his pyjama range. Everyone from Kate & William, to baby George and the Queen herself are dressed down to their undergarments, ready to be covered by your choice of Peter Alexander pjs! Trust the Aussies.


With headlines like ‘QUEEN BLOWS ROYAL BUDGET AT PETER ALEXANDER’ this range definitely has our attention. Check the catalogue out for yourself, if not at least to just see how uncanny the Royal doubles are!

The Best of British range looks gorgeous though. The catalogue sums the British up with Big Ben, red double deckers, rain and Penny Lane, plus a respected appearance of tartan too. But our absolute favourite, beyond debate, is the Queen’s Corgi Onesy. Nothing like feeling all cosy and patriotic.

Check out peteralexander.com.au for all the details!




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