There’s nothing better than skipping the hassle of cooking and getting a tasty takeaway delivered straight to your door. We typically opt for Deliveroo, but there’s a new kid in town set to compete against the food delivery service called UberEats.

UberEats launches in London!

Launched on June 16 in London, the new takeaway service is set to take the capital by storm. It works the same way Deliveroo does, so although it might sound like your food will be delivered by taxi, the guys at Ubereats will be arriving via bike or scooter.

The launch in London follows cities in the US and Canada, Melbourne, Singapore and Paris. For Central London Janes, you’re in luck as it’s currently only available in this area, but don’t fret if you’re not in London as it looks likely UberEats will be rolled out across the UK soon.

At present, over 100 restaurants have already signed up to the service including some of our favourites, such as: Hotbox, The Good Life Eatery Pho and Chilango.

One aspect we love about UberEats is that unlike other delivery services, there is no minimum charge and for the first month delivery is absolutely free!

Alex Czarnecki, the general manager of UberEats in London, recently discussed the new company with The Telegraph. He said: “I think people will come to UberEats for the same reasons they come to Uber in the first place. This is going to be significantly faster than competitors.”

UberEATS app is separate from the Uber taxi app and must be downloaded separately. You can also place orders from: between 11am and 11pm.

You can also use the promo code: UBEREATSLONDON to enjoy up to £10 off your first order.

Will you be testing out the new delivery service? Let us know! @tweetjanes

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