Just when we thought we couldn’t love Tom Fletcher anymore than we already do, he goes and announces that he is expecting his second child with wife Giovanna in the most adorable video ever!

Tom Fletcher announces exciting baby news with cute video!

The footage shows the 30-year-old McBusted singer sitting down with Giovanna and their son Buzz to play a videogame. After Buzz is revealed as player one, player two remains as a question mark, and then we are let into the secret that player 2 is in fact on the way!

Watch the adorable video here:

Tom married his childhood sweetheart, Giovanna, in 2012. On their wedding day, instead of giving a normal speech, Tom sang a song he wrote for her. He later uploaded a video of him performing it to Youtube and it very quickly went viral! Now it has over 16 million views and 285,000 likes!

Their son Buzz, who is now 18 months old, was born on 18th March 2014. Tom uploaded another video called ‘From Bump to Buzz’ which was a collection of photos taken everyday during the pregnancy put together, accompanied by a song he wrote called ‘Something New’.

As Buzz got older, he has featured in a few more videos, our favourite is when Tom is walking in a field with Buzz on his back and finds a dandelion, when he blows it, Buzz bursts into fits of laughter. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check it out here.

Congratulations Tom and Giovanna, we cannot wait to hopefully see more fun videos from the Fletcher family!

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