THEN AND NOW- Sweet Valley high twins


Here at Janes, we love looking at then and now pictures of some of our favourite celebrities. Seeing how the years have aged them, either in a good way or let’s say, not-so-good way. But for the Sweet Valley High Twins, time hasn’t aged them at ALL!

For those completely unaware of Sweet Valley High, it was an American Live-action comedy-drama series very loosely based on Francine Pascal’s book series of the same name. It aired from 1994 to 1997 and teenage girls around the world (including our teenage selves) wanted to be either Elizabeth or Jessica Wakefield, the two twins the show revolved around.

Brittany and Cynthia Daniel (aka Liz and Jessica Wakefield) were eighteen when the TV series began. The girls are now (unbelievably) 40 and Cynthia has three children. Time hasn’t aged them at all and we want to know their secret!


Since the show, Brittany has had starring roles in US Comedy shows The Game and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Last year, the star revealed that she was battling cancer but happily got the all-clear earlier this year.

Minus a short stint on That 80s Show, Cynthia decided not to pursue acting. Instead she turned her attention to photography.

Here, pictured on their 38th Birthday, heading to the Scopa Italian Restaurant in Marina Del Rey, California. Seriously how do they do it!?


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