The ‘Instagrammability’ holiday factor

How do you typically pick where to go on holiday? Are you looking for the best deal for your money? Somewhere with great weather? A place with few tourists? To be fair, there’s a lot of factors at stake, but it turns out the most important thing millennials consider when choosing a vacation destination is how Instagrammable it is.

A recent study by home insurance company ‘Schofields Insurance’ has revealed that 40.1 per cent of millennials choose a travel spot based on its Instagrammability.

Whether it’s for the perfectly posed beach shot or for the magnificent New York skyline, millennials apparently love getting all the likes. I too am I sucker for doing this. On a recent visit to Poland, I snapped a shot of Wroclaw’s beautiful market square and watched the like count grow. It’s sad I know, but the difference is, i’d never choose a holiday destination just because of it’s instagrammability.

Of course, people have always wanted to travel to picturesque places, to see the wonders of the world, but there are certain views, i’m talking from infinity pools, that are more likely to rack up the likes on everyone’s favourite picture-sharing platform.


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The results from the survey show that these days, there is a huge focus to appear as if you are having the time on your life online.

But before you get too downtrodden by the girl who just posted a picture of herself on the beach, cocktail in hand, with the caption “not bad for a Monday,” don’t worry, she might end up getting sun stroke or stung by a jellyfish.

The results in order of popularity were:

  1. How ‘Instagrammable’ the holiday will be – 40.1 per cent
  2. Cost/Availability of alcohol – 24 per cent
  3. Personal development – 22.6 per cent
  4. Chances to experience the local cuisine – 9.4 per cent
  5. Opportunities for sightseeing – 3.9 per cent

What do you think? Would you choose a holiday destination just for its Instagrammability? Let us know! @tweetjanes