Born in 1926, in the same year as Marilyn Monroe, David Attenborough and Harper Lee, Her Majesty the Queen celebrates her 90th birthday on April 21st. Well…she doesn’t officially because she milks her birthday and has a proper bash in June, but if we were Queen we’re pretty sure we’d party hard too.

The Queen's Best Moments

The Queen: top monarch moments

We take a look into a few of the best moments from our longest serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, to mark the occasion.

1. First words

It was October 1940…yep, now this is a throwback. Only a mere princess at this point, Princess Elizabeth delivers her first public speech on BBC’s Children’s Hour radio program. Yep, when by the time the rest of us were 14 we were swooning over Backstreet Boys/Take That/5ive/[insert terrible boyband here], 14 year-old Lizzy was talking to kids who’d evacuated their homes because of the war.

Young Queen Elizabeth

2. Up on her High(ness) horse

The Queen has been horse riding since she was 3 years old, and it soon became a passion of hers. Only last year, at the impressive age of 89, she rocked her classic mac and headscarf and did a spot of horseback riding in Windsor Castle. Whilst she doesn’t gamble, she loves horse racing and the word on the street is she’s a fan of the Racing Post.

Queen horse riding

3. The Royal wedding

Nope, we’re not talking Wills and Kate, or even Diana and Charles. In November 1947, the Queen married Prince Phillip, the Duke of Edinburgh. Apart from the Westminster Abbey part, it was a fairly simple affair after the war. She had ration coupons for her wedding dress and did her own make up. Not only do we love a bargain at Average Janes, but she also had a Swifty equivalent ‘squad’ of eight bridesmaids. #TeamLiz.

The Queen royal wedding

4. Winter is coming

In June 2014, on a three-day visit to Northern Ireland, her Maj met the cast and production team from Game of Thrones at Paint Hall Studios where much of the series is filmed. She politely declined to sit on the Iron Throne (apparently she’s not allowed to sit on foreign thrones) – and to be fair a chair made of s*** loads of swords doesn’t scream comfort. She was presented with a mini throne though, and even name-dropped her visit in her Christmas speech. No judgement here, if we met Jon Snow we’d be telling everyone we’ve ever met too.

5. A heart of gold

It was a tough year in 2002 for the Queen as in February her sister Princess Margaret died, and a few weeks later her mum, the Queen Mother, died. Despite grieving she cracked on with her Golden Jubilee duties and did a monumental tour covering 40,000 miles to mark it. Street parties happened across the UK, we Brits enjoyed an extra bank holiday and Paul McCartney churned out Hey Jude for the zillionth time at the Party at the Palace event.

The Queen Diamond Jubilee

6. Good evening Mr Bond

As if Danny Boyle’s 2012 Olympics opening ceremony wasn’t epic enough, the show stealer by far was Queen Elizabeth’s sketch with the mighty fine Daniel Craig as the legendary 007 agent. One of the best kept secrets of the show, the ACTUAL Queen greeted him with the smoothest of lines, SURROUNDED BY HER CORGIS: ‘Good evening Mr Bond’. Our hearts actually stopped. Twitter exploded. As did our minds. Hats off Lizzy.

7. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Another jubilee event, but what can we say, we love an extra bank holiday and an excuse to party. The diamond jubilee in June 2012 was marked by lots of events including the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant, with 670 boats on the River Thames. The weather was terrible, it looked boring as f*** on telly, but Queen Liz braved the elements and stood up for hours waving at the crowds. And at the Diamond Jubilee concert the Queen was ahead of the game, donning a metallic number Beyoncé would be proud of. She didn’t stay for long so missed Cheryl and Gary Barlow’s delightful duet too. Sneaky, but wise move.

Queen Best Moments

8. Gan-Gan

As we’re a soppy bunch at Average Janes, one of our favourite things is the Queen’s relationships with her great grandchildren, with a grand total of five to cuddle now. Her Majesty is known to be close to her family, and recently the Duchess of Cambridge revealed the Queen has a special bond with their children and 2 year-old George calls her Gan-Gan. SO. CUTE. Also, nicknames?! They’re like the rest of us! Ok, well, almost.

Queen grandchildren

What are your favourite monarch moments? Share with us @tweetjanes.

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