We are overjoyed to reveal the third series of Orange is the New Black arrives on Netflix on June 12. To add to that bit of excitement we also have the first Orange is the New Black Season 3 Trailer.

Orange is the New Black Season 3 Trailer

The second season finished with prison villain Vee being hit by Rosa’s van as she was trying to make an escape from Litchfield. From what we can see in the trailer, she doesn’t make an appearance so we assume she died in the hit and run.

Alongside this, prison officer John Bennett told Caputo that he had impregnated one of the inmates, we all guessed he would get fired, but Caputo was surprisingly cool about it and let him keep his job.

In the new trailer for season three there are A LOT of changes that we are super excited about. Watch it here:

Here is our top seven favourite moments from the trailer:

  1. Big Boo has had a pretty hilarious makeover and is now rocking a bob.
  2. Alex is back with a black eye, what’s going on there? Piper where are you to save her???
  3. We see the entrance of a new Litchfield inmate, Stella, played by Australian model Ruby Rose, who appears to have her eye on Piper…so that’s where Piper is.
  4. It seems like we will get to find out about Nicky’s backstory, we knew she had a drug problem, but her story has been left out of the previous seasons, so we’re hoping for an interesting story arch!
  5. Daya Diaz and John Bennett seem very much in love and rather publicly… Caputo must be really casual about their forbidden romance.
  6. Red is back to her normal cunning self, looking stronger than ever.
  7. Finally, Crazy Eyes, our favourite character, now writes her very own erotic fiction, which involves four people and aliens.

Netflix has also released these stills from the season, which feature Alex and Piper *Pipex* having a romantic moment, are they getting back together? Big Boo’s hair transformation and our first look at new cast member Ruby Rose:


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