Love her, or hate her, Lily Allen has always had a fantastic sense of humour when it comes to the music industry. And she’s proved it yet again with her tongue-in-cheek video for brand new single, Hard Out Here.

Lily Allen: Hard Out Here Video

She brought us her infamous prom-dress-and-trainers combo, taught us it was alright to sing “F*ck you” to hideous exes, and now her latest single brilliantly sends up the sexist symbolism of many current music videos.

Looking fabulous in a series of skin-tight outfits and a fierce fringe, Lily pulls some hard feminist punches in Hard Out Here, her first original single since 2009.

Known for not mincing her words (Lily has had many a public spat with other celebrities and artists) she calls out the misogyny of many of this year’s chart-toppers – tackling body issues, being a working mum, and double standards around women’s sex lives.

The catchy chorus line says it all: “Forget your balls and grow a pair of tits, it’s hard out here for a bitch”.

Parodying how women are objectified by the music industry, Lily eats bananas, pours champagne over her dancers, and in a particularly amusing moment we watch her ‘manager’ teach her how to twerk more seductively. All with an ironic glint in her eye.

A move away from her delicate vocals on this year’s John Lewis christmas advert that’s for sure.

Perhaps the most controversial – and we have to be honest, most hilarious – moment of the video is Lily mocking Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, with her own (very direct!) balloon message…

No doubt we’ll see the usual complaints about inappropriate content (we almost feel sorry for Ofcom), but we’re raising our glasses to Lily – she’s truly back with a bang.

Warning: the video is definitely NSFW in most cases! One to watch when no one can see your screen…

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